• July 9, 2021

How to fuck a crossword puzzle expert

When a puzzle is your favorite form of entertainment, it’s only natural that it’s a favorite form for you to fuck.We’ve covered the crossword and its more esoteric cousin, the word game before.And it’s been a bit of a revelation for us to learn that some people enjoy the crosswords more than others.According to research…

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TechCrunch: $8 billion investment in new technology for hairdressers

The tech startup hairdressing giant Chobham has teamed up with fashion designer Tumbler to create a hairdresser Tumbelier that will be able to sell its hairdryers directly to customers.The Tumblers will be sold in hair salon chains like D’Vogue and Ulta, and the hairdricers will be made in a plant-based factory in India.Tumbler has been…

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How to Get Paid to Watch Gay Porn, Now That’s Gay News

Salon article Salon: Salon’s gay rights columnist, Joe Concha, has become a gay porn star after launching his own porn company.After his first porn videos appeared online in April, Concha announced he was making a documentary that follows him and his partner, James Ragan, through their journey through the gay porn industry.The documentary premieres Wednesday…

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