• September 1, 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Be Making Hair Care Gifts to Your Baby

You should be making your baby hair care gifts for him or her, so the following advice may help.  The advice is based on my experience with my own daughter, and it’s important to understand what your daughter needs. You don’t need to make a hair care gift for your baby in order to make her happy,…

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I’m wearing a wig and a wig is a hair dresser

HANDBOOK OF MIRACLES IN THE WORLD: The best of our best stories on the mind, body and body art.SIGN UP HERE.This is a classic example of a hairdresser dressing up as a nurse. The woman is wearing a gown of the kind that nurses use. But she’s also dressed up as one of the more popular female…

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Which Australian player are the best to have a drink with?

The four players who have played their part in bringing Melbourne to the finals, with one in particular taking the most interest: Ben Cousins.With five finals wins and an All-Australian selection, the 32-year-old is considered the favourite to win a fourth premiership.But Cousins is not the only one to have had a go.The foursome also…

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