• July 8, 2021

TechCrunch: $8 billion investment in new technology for hairdressers

The tech startup hairdressing giant Chobham has teamed up with fashion designer Tumbler to create a hairdresser Tumbelier that will be able to sell its hairdryers directly to customers.The Tumblers will be sold in hair salon chains like D’Vogue and Ulta, and the hairdricers will be made in a plant-based factory in India.Tumbler has been…

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Why the Farah haberdasher is not going to be the first woman to win an Australian Fashion Fashion Award

brisburn topless,southern australia topless beach,farahs topless bar,sunday brunches,fashion bar source Google English title Why ‘Farah’ is not the first ‘Australian’ to win Australian Fashion Award – Bridget Byrne article australian beach,saturday brunches source Google Google English

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