• November 30, 2021

‘You have to be a genius’ to be able to find a hairdresser in India: An American woman’s journey

Posted November 01, 2018 11:59:14A hairdressers experience in India may not be glamorous, but it is well worth your while to be there. “You have the luxury of knowing the salon is run by people with an incredible level of expertise in their field,” says Rishi Rupesh, owner of the Indian hairdressery Cpit Hairdressing Salon in New Delhi.“And…

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Which of these things are you going to use the most in 2017?

H&M is going to be launching a new line of products in 2017, with the brand unveiling a new collection that features stylists and hair stylists, according to the company.The hairdo-focused collection, which is slated to debut in February, is slated for a “high-end, premium-priced look” for women, according the company’s press release.The new line…

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How to make your hair last forever at cpit hair salon

It’s the perfect time of year for cpit Hair Salon in St. Louis to have the latest trends and new arrivals.With an extensive selection of haircuts, styles and hairstyles, you can’t go wrong.“We really like to keep it fresh,” said owner Ramiro Cotto.“We’re constantly updating and making new styles.We have everything from shag carpet to…

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