• October 19, 2021

How to fix your hair after it’s dyed with black dye

It might not sound like a lot, but black dye can cause damage to your hair.This article looks at how to fix it after a black dye job.Read more of our articles on hair colour and hair dye.

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Which are the best and worst military hairstyles?

Armed forces hairstyles are the epitome of what a man wears on the battlefield, according to the military.But the hairdo is the heart of a soldier’s appearance, according in the military and among veterans.Here’s what you need to know about military hairdos.Military hairstylesMilitary hairstyle basicsThe military’s basic hairstyle is the most basic of all.Its roots…

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‘No man’s land’: How to get a job with a shaved head

A former hairdressing school graduate is hoping to find a new job after losing her job because of her facial hair.Eric Greitens, 33, left his job in the US army in 2016 and began living with his mother in Germany, where he worked in the hairdresseshop and also as a receptionist.“The haircut is not that…

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