• October 10, 2021

How to get your hair styled by the pros in style guide

I’m the kind of girl who wants my hair to be perfect, and this article is all about getting the perfect cut, style, and style guide for every single hair color and texture.But if that’s not your thing, you’re in luck: the style guide is a free download from StyleFinder.It’s also the kindest thing you…

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Making Hair Care Gifts to Your Baby

You should be making your baby hair care gifts for him or her, so the following advice may help.  The advice is based on my experience with my own daughter, and it’s important to understand what your daughter needs. You don’t need to make a hair care gift for your baby in order to make her happy,…

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Curly haired hair stylist, who ‘had a very good job’ dies

The man who once worked for the Curly Hair Salon in Melbourne has died after a long battle with cancer.A statement on the website of the Melbourne Hair Institute (MHI) said the 41-year-old had been battling for more than a year with stage 4 lung cancer.“He had a very strong work ethic, a caring and…

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