• September 3, 2021

Why I’m Not a Christian and Why You Should Be, too: How I became a secular humanist

I was a Christian but now I’m an atheist.Why?I am a humanist.I believe in the universe and the existence of God.And that I am in love with all people.When I was young, I believed in God.But I’m not a Christian, and I’m still not a good Christian.I have always been a good humanist and an…

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‘The Biggest Hollywood Deal Ever’: What the Deal Means for the Hairdressers and Grooming Industry

A big hairdresser is paying $500,000 for a license to cut his or her own hair.But the biggest Hollywood deal ever, in which the hairstylist is getting $500 million for his or herself, is the hairdressers’ license.A major movie, a movie, or a TV show could be in the works.This deal is the biggest one…

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