• September 3, 2021

Why I’m Not a Christian and Why You Should Be, too: How I became a secular humanist

I was a Christian but now I’m an atheist.


I am a humanist.

I believe in the universe and the existence of God.

And that I am in love with all people.

When I was young, I believed in God.

But I’m not a Christian, and I’m still not a good Christian.

I have always been a good humanist and an atheist, and the reason I am still a good atheist is because I love the universe.

And I love God.

I love people.

So I don’t need to believe in God to love the people who live in the world, and that is why I am an atheist.

“I’m a Christian.

And yet, when I’m confronted with the facts that we’re all made in the image of God, I’m reminded of why I’m so afraid.

The very fact that I’m a human being gives me the freedom to love God, but it also makes me a coward.

And as a human, I am afraid to embrace this freedom.

This article originally appeared on CBSNews.com