• September 4, 2021

What is an ugly haircut?

A woman in her 40s has been crowned the Queen of Bad Haircuts in Japan.

The event was held on Sunday in Tokyo’s Hyogo district and was hosted by the Japanese fashion magazine Cosplay.

The judges chose Japanese hairdryer Adam Reed as the winner of the contest.

He took home the crown after having his hair dyed blonde and having his locks styled by the fashion stylist.

Reed said he wanted to win because he thought the hairstyles of today were “not as nice”.

He said he would like to be the first to wear his hair like this.

“I want to be able to wear it in public and have people look at me like I’m different from other people,” he said.

Rees hairstyle has been chosen because of the unique hairstyles that have become popular in Japan these days.

The fashion magazine said that the hairstyle was the “best of modern hairdressing” and the contestants wore it for their photo shoot.

“We wanted to give it a twist.

It’s not the modern hairstyle,” Rees hairstylist Akira Nakagawa told the magazine.”

If you see it in the mirror, you think it’s too good.

But it’s the best.”

The winner of Cosplay’s annual hairdresser contest will be presented with a $100,000 prize and the magazine said they are “happy to accept any contribution” to help pay for the event.

The hairstyle is very popular among the Japanese population, who are keen to wear the traditional Japanese style of hair.