• September 21, 2021

This is what the new ‘black hairdressing’ trend looks like on the streets of London

A new trend of black hairstyles is taking over London.

It involves a full-body make-up cover that appears on your clothes, but can also be worn on your skin, to look as if you’ve been waxed in a barber shop.

The black haired trend is so popular, it has spread to New York, Berlin, and even Tokyo, where one woman even waxed on a train and posted the footage online.

It is the latest trend in an increasingly diverse London, with people wearing black, brown, and white hair to ward off any unwanted attention.

The black hair trend was first started by a German man called Paul Catt, who also styled himself as “Paul the Black Hair”.

He also created a video series of his own, in which he waxed and dressed himself in a black wig and mask.

Catt said the new black hairlooms are meant to look like a wig on the blackhead, and are the result of a lot of research.

“We have tried to make this trend as natural as possible, to be as natural and as natural looking as possible,” he told the Huffington Post UK.

“We have researched blackheads in different countries, and we have also researched black hair in different cultures.”

I tried to do it with the help of a blacksmith, and then of course I also wanted to wear a black mask.

I used a lot more makeup on the mask, so it’s kind of like a mask with your face.

“Catt told the BBC that he did not take the black haire seriously, and that his style was “a bit of a joke” as he was always wearing his hair up.

But he has since started a YouTube channel called Black Hair on YouTube and has also been photographed with black hair, as well as wearing a black dress with a black hood.”

It was a bit of fun for a while, I was laughing and thinking that it was a joke, but I actually got some really interesting feedback from people,” he said.

In addition to the black hair video series, Catt has been waxing on a London bus and posted his own waxing video to Instagram.

“It looks like a black hat and all the hairs are on the head, and it is quite a good hairstyle. “

I love this hairstyle,” he says in the video.

“It looks like a black hat and all the hairs are on the head, and it is quite a good hairstyle.

I like the hair, it is a bit messy and it gives a more professional look.”