• September 16, 2021

Paul Mitchell’s Hairstyles Are Back in Business, Now With New Tips

Now that Paul Mitchell has been forced to close his salon after being arrested for assaulting his customer, his hairdressing business is once again thriving.

Mitchell has been in trouble before.

The former hairstylist and hairstylists owner of Paul Mitchell Hair & Beauty in Beverly Hills, California was arrested in 2014 for felony charges of assault on a customer, resisting arrest, and harassment.

He was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly pushing the customer against the counter of his salon.

Mitchel has since filed a $5 million civil lawsuit against the owner of the salon, accusing the business of harassing and threatening the hairdresses.

His legal team, led by attorney William Hines, also accused the salon of using social media to create a negative online reputation.

Mitrell told ABC News that the legal fight is the best way to fight back against his client’s harassment allegations, but he added that he was also a victim of harassment herself.

“I was harassed online by a male customer who was a male, and he harassed me for a period of time.

And then I felt that I was being harassed.

And so I decided to file a civil suit,” Mitchell told ABCNews.

He said that he has learned from his experience with the criminal case that there is nothing he can do to stop harassment, especially if he feels that his rights were violated.

“The fact that I’m suing him and getting paid $5 Million in damages and not being punished is kind of like, ‘I’m going to take this thing, I’m going for a walk, and then I’m never going to work here again,'” he said.

“And it’s a good lesson to take.”

Hines said that the lawsuit will likely be filed by March, and that the damages will likely reach $75,000.

“It’s not about me.

It’s about a victim,” he said, adding that his client is confident that he can get his money.