• September 13, 2021

‘It’s a terrible idea’: Barber chicago suspends its sales after ‘violent altercation’

In the aftermath of a violent altercation between two men outside a Chicago bar early Saturday, Barber has suspended its sales in the Chicago area.

Barber says it’s suspending its business in the city, but not for the time being.

It says it is “in the process of working with the city of Chicago and its law enforcement to ensure that this incident is not repeated in the future.”

It’s unclear what prompted the confrontation.

Barbershop owner Chris Williams says the altercation began over an unruly customer.

Barbershop spokesman Chris Nesper says the situation escalated when two men started fighting with customers.

He says customers intervened, and the two men left the bar.

Barbetshop manager, Brian Tull, says he had to call 911 after the two suspects attacked a man.

Tull says he did not know if they were intoxicated, but they did not appear to be.