• September 16, 2021

How to tell if a woman has a tattoo of the Chinese characters for ‘Happy’ and ‘Happy Birthday’

A woman who wears a Chinese character on her headdress may have a tattoo that could tell if she’s a fan of Chinese food, according to a new study.

The study, published in the Journal of Anthropological Science, said that while most tattooed people have no clue what their tattoos say, some do recognize the words “Happy” and “Happy Birthday” as being Chinese characters.

The researchers used data from the United States’ National Tattoo Identification Database, which provides data on more than 4,000 tattoos in the United State, and compared it with data from a database of more than 12,000 people in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The two databases, which were developed in the late 1980s, have become widely used in the study.

The researchers say they can identify if people are fans of Chinese cuisine by looking for tattoos, but also see if there’s a correlation between a person’s tattoos and their nationality, and whether they have tattoos of any ethnicities.

The tattoos on people’s heads are a good indicator of ethnicity.

People with tattoos of the same ethnicity tend to have the same number of tattoos as people with different tattoos.

Tattooed people with similar tattoos, however, have a higher chance of having a tattoo.

The team also looked at whether a person has any tattoos of a Chinese symbol, such as a star or the symbol for heaven.

People who had tattoos of these symbols had a higher risk of having the same tattoos.

But the tattoo on the woman’s headdress was of the “Happy birthday” or “Happy birthdays” sign, and the researchers could not tell the difference between those signs, so it was unlikely to be an indication of her ethnicity.

It also may be that the Chinese people who wear the headdress were more interested in Chinese food than other ethnic groups, the researchers say.

Tatooing of ethnic groups has been a topic of controversy for decades, but this study shows that the trend is starting to change.

The authors note that there is no official definition of ethnicity in China and some people may have multiple ethnicities, but they do not know if these are genetically determined or not.

The authors conclude that it is “extremely difficult” to predict ethnicity from tattoos.