• September 28, 2021

How to get laid and wear your hair like a man in 2017

A year ago, a friend of mine posted a story about how a hairderer had to buy an $800,000 wig.

The wig was in a bag in his basement, and he had to take it home and cut it himself.

I thought, Wait, this is a real story.

And then I saw the video.

It was an actual video.

In it, a man named Matt is seen taking a giant bathtub with a giant hook.

It’s a great idea, but it’s actually not the best idea.

Here’s what the video says: “The hook is attached to the top of the tub and the tub is so huge that Matt can actually stand inside the tub.

This allows him to hang onto the hook with no water pressure.

And if he wants to put it back, he can.”

Matt is actually just standing on the hook, but his hair is getting sucked into the tub, and then the hair on the back of his head is coming out of the back.

If you have long hair like mine, you may notice that you can’t really get in and out of your hair, so this isn’t exactly a great hairstyle.

And as a man with a long, curly hair, I’m not sure if this makes me more attractive or less attractive.

But Matt seems like a great guy.

Here he is with a big bowl of ice cream and a big cup of tea.

I have a pretty good idea what it’s like to be on a hook.

I know how to cut my hair, and I know that a haberdasher who has never had to cut a haircut can handle the task with aplomb.

But the hook?

Is it really that easy to do?

I’ll admit that I didn’t think so.

I was hoping that this would be an easy trick to do.

I’ve had several hairdryers over the years, and none of them had a real hook.

This is how I figured out that the hook is a little bit trickier than the rest of the trickiest of the tricks.

I figured it out a few years ago when I got a new haircut.

My hair was really long and I was trying to keep it from falling out.

The idea was to get my hair into a ponytail, and get the hair to go down my back.

This was not a good idea.

I had to pull it up over my head.

The reason I pulled it up was because I had gotten a haircut that I was worried would make me look like a woman.

When I did that haircut, I wore my hair in a pony tail and had to hold my head up to the mirror to keep the ponytail from falling over.

My haircut was supposed to look more feminine, but I thought it looked more like a bazooka.

The hair on my head is longer than mine, so I had a lot of problems with it.

It started to fall out. I didn


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