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How to cut down on your hair? – Google News

Posted in India on Tuesday, March 29, 2018 08:00:24Today we share with you how to cut your hair and we are sharing the tips on how to get the most out of it.

Here are our favourite tips on cutting hair.


Do not wear a wig or wig extensions for longer than 6 months.

If you have a hair product, it should be a hair-growth product.


If the hair is in an excessive length, you should cut it to the length you want.

If your hair is too long, you will look like a bald head.


If it looks like you have to go out and buy new hair, wear a thick hairbrush or comb for 6 months and then give it a go. 4.

You should wash your hair once a week.


Do your hair at least once a day and apply moisturiser and a hair dryer.


You can get some styling products in the stores but do not try to buy a whole bunch of them.

Use a lot of products at once.


Do take a shower twice a day.

This will reduce the amount of frizz.


Do shave your head twice a week and apply conditioner to the bald spot.


Make sure you don’t take off your glasses or your hairline.

They can cause the hair to stick to your skin.


Do use conditioner on your face after shampooing your hair every now and then.

This helps keep your scalp soft and fresh.


Do avoid wearing make up.

The result of the make up is that it will make your hair look greasy and hard.

This is bad for your hair.


Do get a facial or facial wash twice a month.


If going to a salon, do ask for a complimentary haircare product.

If they don’t offer it, ask them to give you a sample.


Do wear a comb at home to clean your hair after every wash.


Avoid overdoing your hair when you go out.

If this happens, you are wasting time and money.


Use good quality hair products.

You will be less likely to get frizz and it will last longer.


If wearing make-up or going to the salon, always wear the same colour and style of make-ups for a whole year.


Do give your hair a massage to make it healthier and moisturise.


Don’t get too much of your body hair.

It can make you look like an extra in your body.


Use conditioner and a conditioner-less shampoo every morning.


Wash your hair twice a night and once a morning.

The shampoo will make the hair stay in place better.


Use the best moisturiser you can afford.

You are wasting your money.


If using conditioner, wash your face first.

This can help remove dead skin cells and the conditioner will keep your skin moisturised.


Do moisturise your hair using a conditioners cream every morning and after showering.


If getting ready for a date, wear your hair in a loose bun, not a ponytail.

This reduces frizz, which will also make you appear younger.


When going to go shopping, make sure you always put on the same clothes.

You might look different from how you normally do. 27.

Wear a light coloured, comfy and comfortable shirt and trousers.


Keep your hair short and neat.

The better you look, the better you are at looking cool.


Do wash your teeth three times a day to keep them clean and shiny.


Do apply conditioners to your hair to keep it in shape.


Do shampoo your hair as often as you can, but do do not use a conditioning cream for the whole day.

If not doing shampoo, apply a shampoo-free conditioner at the end of each day.


Make your hair more visible and visible to others.

You would look like the person who was wearing a wig.


Don´t get too close to the mirror.

It will make you resemble someone else.


Do have an assistant to help you on the way to the bathroom.

You don´t need a friend to guide you to the toilet.


Avoid wearing loose clothes, too tight, too short or too thin.

You look like you are wearing a tight, tight garment.


Do make sure your hair doesn´t come in a long bun.

This prevents it from sticking to your face and also makes it look messy.


Don’t wear loose shoes.

They are a waste of money.

They look silly and don’t make you feel smart.


Wash all your