• September 24, 2021

How Emma Stone is a hilarious hairdressor and her favourite memes

Emma Stone’s Instagram is a delight to read.

She loves her work, she likes to be funny, and she’s not afraid to be the center of attention. 

It’s no surprise that she’s a fan of the popular meme emma, or that her favourite meme is the funny hairdressed woman. 

And for good reason.

Emma Stone has created quite a few memes, from her recent photoshoot for her upcoming film ‘Clerks’ to the ones that are still popular in 2017. 

The funny haired lady meme has gone viral with more than 8.4 million views since being posted on the popular social media site.

Emma has since tweeted out a series of witty captions to make the meme even funnier, including a quote from Emma Stone, who said: “If I’m wearing a wig and hairdresser, I’m a fucking hairderer.”

Emma Stone has been making a name for herself as a funny haireress.

Emmy award winning comedian, writer and producer, Amy Poehler, tweeted this video on Monday in response to Emma’s hilarious haired woman meme: Emma has also tweeted several funny and poignant messages, such as one that read: I am a person who can do anything you want me to do.

In 2017, Emma Stone became the youngest winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Actress in a Drama Series.

The actress is currently filming the upcoming movie ‘Clueless’, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Emmy nominations are a huge step forward for women and the media in general, and it’s good to see her continue to make a name as a strong and talented comedic actress. 

While it’s true that Emma Stone does have a wide range of comedy credits, including her role as a comedic force in the hit Netflix series, House of Cards, she has also had roles in numerous movies, including ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and ‘Frozen’.

She is currently shooting the film ‘Captain Fantastic’, a sequel to ‘Captain America: Civil War’.