• August 1, 2021

Why Did the Lilywhites Get a Penalty?

The Lilywhite penalty was deserved and the Lilywhite were unlucky to lose to the Scarlets at the Principality Stadium.

They were outplayed and the ball was on their own turf.

We know from the FA’s own analysis that the ball is on the pitch and that is what led to the penalty.

That said, it is not a clear penalty. 

A penalty should not be given on the grounds of a free kick.

It should be given when the ball crosses the line of the line and it should be the first touch of the ball that creates the chance.

A penalty should be awarded on a foul or when the foul is obvious and a foul should not come when the goal is in danger.

The Scarlets did that in this instance, but it is an issue that is going to be debated for a while.

The referee made a mistake.

There was a foul.

There should have been a penalty given. 

This was a game where the opposition did not deserve the opportunity to score. 

Lilywhites: Cristiano Riva, Tata Fokkera, Vito Mannone, Dylan Farrell, Catherine O’Brien, Kerry Hinchliffe, Emma Beattie, Briean McEleney, Lydia Williams, Jared Scott, Marianne Gaborino, Shannon BrennanSource: The Independent /Getty Images