• August 22, 2021

Kids hairdressing salon shuts down over safety concerns

A children’s hair salon in Toronto is facing a $1.8-million fine after it shut down on Tuesday due to safety concerns.

The salon, called The House, said it was the first in the country to shut down.

The owner of the salon, Shauna McDonough, said staff were told to “keep the kids and pets in the house,” but the parents and children who were attending the salon were not allowed in.

“This is a safe environment for children and their families and for staff,” she said.

“I am heartbroken and horrified that this has happened.

I’m deeply sorry to the family and the staff, but it’s a sad day in the life of a parent.”

The salon closed after the mother of one of the children who worked at the salon died.

The Toronto Police Service said in a statement that it had received complaints from staff and the family that the staff was not wearing protective equipment.

It said it is looking into what led to the closure.

It is unclear what prompted the salon to shut its doors.

In a statement posted to Facebook, The House said it has hired an independent security consultant to review the incident.

The staff will also undergo “a comprehensive review” of the safety and operation of the business, The Post-Dispatch reported.

McDonought told the paper that she felt she was being “lazy” by shutting down the salon because she didn’t want to “have to deal with the backlash” from customers who complained about her closing.

“We are all human and this was a hard decision to make, but we were also doing what was right for our children and families,” she wrote.

The family said they were concerned for the safety of their children and the safety to the staff.

“My kids have been to a lot of hair salons,” said one of their three children.

“It’s really a sad situation.

It’s a really sad day for the family.”

McDonugh did not respond to CBC News’ request for comment.

The news came after two other Toronto-area hair salon closures earlier this month.

In August, the owners of the Grafton Street salon, a salon at the corner of King and Dundas, said they would close their doors.

That salon, owned by Dali Cosmetics, was the second Toronto-based salon to close in less than a month.

That’s after a woman in the same city filed a complaint with the province in March alleging harassment.

On Monday, the owner of a Toronto salon called The Shimmer, located at the intersection of Yonge Street and College, told CBC News that staff were being asked to wear protective equipment and that there would be a review of the security arrangements for the salon.

The Shmerster said it would also be reviewing the safety protocols of the shop.

In September, The Shimmers owner told CBC Toronto he would close the business due to increased noise and complaints from customers.

“All the people that come to the salon will see the same things that I see and we are looking to find a way to mitigate those issues,” said The Shusher, who did not want to be named.

The owners of The Shiner and The Shimer told CBC they were considering a lawsuit against the salon and the owners, but the owners were not available for an interview.

“In the end, the family wants to make sure that we are all okay,” said the Shusher.

“The family wants us to move forward with the business and make sure we have all the things we need to do to make it a success.”

The owners are also suing a man who allegedly groped them.


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