• August 17, 2021

I’m wearing a wig and a wig is a hair dresser

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This is a classic example of a hairdresser dressing up as a nurse. 

The woman is wearing a gown of the kind that nurses use.

 But she’s also dressed up as one of the more popular female hairstyles: the braided ornaments of the wig, the hairstyle that is worn by the female hairdressing profession.

I can’t say I’ve ever been as impressed by a wig as I was by this wig.

It’s a really nice piece of hairdressing.

Its very easy to work with.

This is one of my favourite hairstyles.

I’ve got the wig on.

I think I can pull it off.

And she has her wig on and she’s wearing a skirt.

She looks very elegant.

What do you think of the hairdressers wig?

What did you think about the hair dressers wig when you saw it?