• August 26, 2021

‘I’m still in denial’: Woman, her dog, and her boyfriend rescued after Hurricane Florence

NEW ORLEANS — A woman in her 50s was rescued Friday from the flooded New Orleans neighborhood where she had been trapped for hours with her three dogs.

The rescue came as authorities in Louisiana reported a surge of flooding in the city and across the country, with hundreds of homes and businesses damaged.

Flooding forced the evacuation of several nearby towns, and residents have been evacuated as far away as New York City, where the storm dumped more than 4 feet of rain.

In New Orleans, authorities told The Associated Press they had rescued three women and their dogs from a flooded area and are continuing to look for others.

A second woman was rescued in New Orleans.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said he was confident in the rescue.

“We’re very confident that we’ll be able to pull them out and get them out of the flood zone,” Landrieo said.

Landrieu’s office said the rescue happened when the storm system started moving into New Orleans on Friday.