• July 27, 2021

How I Saved My Hair by Ditching the Shampoo

It’s been about six years since I first learned about hair loss through my doctor.

In that time, I’ve changed my shampoo a couple of times, but I still prefer the old formula.

For those of you who have yet to see my journey, here are a few highlights: 1.

The first time I lost hair, I didn’t even realize it was there until a friend told me she’d had hair loss for a month.


I was still in the phase of being a “natural” hair cutter, so I kept going back to the same shampoo every morning and the next morning.


I kept finding hair that didn’t look like it had been cut.


My hair would always get stuck in my head, and it was never the same color.


After a year of experimenting, I discovered I was allergic to the old shampoo.


I had to buy a new shampoo every time I shaved, so the old one would start to feel like a clump of hair.


I found that when I was cutting my hair, it was usually worse with a little hair product.


When I cut my hair for a friend, I would often have to wait in the shower for my hair to grow back.


My friend was obsessed with keeping her hair in a tight ponytail and always telling me to go to the salon because my hair would grow in that tight ponytails.


When my friend asked me to shave my legs, I wouldn’t even let her.

She said, “You have too much hair on your legs.

You’re not allowed to shave.”


I realized that when my hair had grown out of my legs it was because I was wearing a wig, and I had a wig with me. 12.

I also realized that if I were to try to shave again, I’d have to shave in my bathroom. 13. I didn