• June 17, 2021

Elizabeth Osborne’s hair salon is going out of business

Elizabeth Osbourne has opened her first salon in the country.

Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Osborn, who was born in Brisbane and moved to Sydney when she was five, opened her salon in March in the town of Goulburn.

Ms Osborne has also opened a salon in Perth, and a new salon in Melbourne.

Ms Manners said she had wanted to open a salon for some time, but she had not had the funding to do it.

“It’s just something that I really wanted to do and I wanted to keep working, but I just didn’t have the resources,” Ms Musters said.

“I’m really proud of the work we’ve done and what we’ve created and what people have been able to achieve.”

“We’ve been able, in the last year, to get the staff to work, to open up, to hire new people, to do more of that and hopefully, I think, to start a new trend in the future.”

Ms Mowers said she was proud to have opened her own salon.

“We’re really proud to be Australian and we’re proud to represent Australian hair and we think it’s important to represent the people of Queensland and Queensland is a beautiful place,” she said.

Ms Bowers said the salon was a “home base” for the new owners.

“Elizabeth’s a great lady, she’s really passionate about her hair, she knows her customers and we want to do everything we can to keep the business going,” she added.

“The shop is here to stay and we’ll continue to work hard to keep it going and to support the local businesses in Brisbane.”

Ms Bower said she and Ms Osbourne would continue to “build on our success” and “continue to build on the foundation of this place”.


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